LDC Tomorrow Fund

LDC Tomorrow Fund

LDC Tomorrow Fund Now Closed

The LDC Tomorrow Fund, dedicated to financing energy research and innovation for the benefit of Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) in Ontario, has officially closed. The EDA extends its gratitude to all the participants and stakeholders who contributed to the success of this initiative.

Over the course of its operation, the LDC Tomorrow Fund supported numerous projects that advanced technology, procedures, knowledge, and experience within the Ontario electricity market. For a comprehensive review of the projects supported by the LDC Tomorrow Fund, we invite you to explore the links at the bottom of this page.

We appreciate your interest in the LDC Tomorrow Fund and its mission to drive innovation and progress in the electricity sector. While the fund has concluded, the knowledge and advancements achieved through its projects will continue to impact the industry. Thank you for your support and engagement in shaping the future of energy in Ontario.

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