LDC Tomorrow Fund

The purpose of the LDC Tomorrow Fund is to fund research projects and finance energy innovation and opportunities for the benefit of Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) in the competitive marketplace of Ontario.

Who Can Apply for Funding?

Funding is available to Local Electricity Distribution Companies (LDCs), government agencies, academic institutions, and others who work in the electricity industry who qualify and whose initiatives meet certain screening criteria.

Who Administers the Fund?

The Electricity Distributors Association is the contract Fund Manager assisting the LDC Tomorrow Fund Trustees in administrative activities. Decisions or approval for funding are made by the Trustees.

What are the Screening Criteria?

The criteria to evaluate proposed projects to be considered for funding are: 

  1. Applications must be related to the development of commercial opportunities within the electricity market of Ontario. 
  2. Projects are expected to be significantly beneficial to the majority of LDCs in Ontario over the short and mid-conditions in the new competitive market. 
  3. Projects must represent the advancement of technology, procedures, knowledge, and experience. 
  4. Recipients of funding must be prepared to share results and make presentations on the results of the project.

How to Apply for Funding

A Project Plan, including the following information, must be submitted in order for a project to be considered for funding:

  • Applicant Name 
  • Location(s) of Applicant 
  • Funding Request 
  • Disbursement Timing 
  • Project Description 
  • Identification of innovative potential 
  • Financial and other contributions by the applicant 
  • Deliverables 
  • Parties Involved 
  • Project Benefits to LDCs 
  • Transferability of Results 
  • Budget for the Project 
  • Other Sources of Funds 
  • Identification of Commercial Opportunities

Learn more about the LDC Tomorrow Fund

For LDC Tomorrow Fund enquiries, please contact: LDCTF@eda-on.ca

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