The HR Council focuses on human resources, training and development issues facing Ontario’s LDCs.

Human Resources Council Members 

Staff Lead: Derek Nardone, Manager, Corporate and Government Affairs
Chair: Jane Hale-McDonald, Energy+ Inc
Vice Chair: Paula Milot, Niagara Peninsula Energy

Joe Barile
Essex Powerlines Corporation
Ms. Dawn Bates
Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc.
Natasha Bennett
Hydro One Networks Inc.
Nancy Brandon
Oshawa PUC Networks Inc.
Stacia Caouette-Boss
Elexicon Energy Inc
Ms. Barb Cesarin
InnPower Corporation
Ms. Marie Coulombe
North Bay Hydro Distribution Limited
Mr. Andrew Covello
Mr. Fred Damiani
Elexicon Energy Inc
David C. Ferguson
Entegrus Powerlines
Zorine Fernandes
Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.
Ms. Monica Hall
Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd.
Ms. Pamela Hogg
EPCOR Electricity Distribution Ontario Inc.
Mr. Robert Kent
ERTH Corporation
Anne Marie Kurello
Milton Hydro Distribution Inc.
Suzanne Leonard
ENWIN Utilities Ltd.
Mrs. Jenny McGeachy
Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc.
Ms. Wendy O'Keefe
Kingston Hydro Corporation
Michelle Reesor
Newmarket Tay Power Distribution Ltd.
Carrie Ricketts
Brantford Power Inc.
Ms. Jennifer Smith
Burlington Hydro Inc.
Ruth Tyrrell, C.Dir
Orangeville Hydro Limited
Mr. Henry Winter
Alectra Inc.
Jane Hale-McDonald
Energy+ Inc.
Mrs. Paula Milot
Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.