The Electricity, Distribution, Information Systems and Technology (EDIST) Conference & Exhibition is an educational conference and exhibition addressing critical engineering, operational, IT and management issues faced by Ontario’s LDCs. Suppliers, manufacturers and service providers have the opportunity to network and showcase their products and services.


The theme for EDIST 2022 is Leading a Bold New Narrative


EDIST will be held in-person on January 19-21, 2022 at the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre.


Why attend EDIST?

  • Participate in presentations by industry leaders
  • Multi-track enrollment: engineering, operations & information technology
  • Build professional relationships
  • Visit cutting edge exhibitor booths
  • Engage and enjoy networking mixers


Call for Papers

EDIST Call for Papers is now closed.

The EDIST program is determined based on submissions to the EDA’s Call for Papers. Abstracts are reviewed and selected by the EDIST Committee, comprised of EDA members with engineering, operations and IT expertise.

Electricity Distributors Association is committed to the production and hosting of safe conferences, events, and tradeshows for all of our attendees, exhibitors, and staff. In light of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuously monitoring, and will comply with, all public health guidelines, laws, regulations, and best practices applicable in the jurisdictions in which our events take place. In line with this commitment, EDA has adopted and will adhere to a variety of event protocols designed to keep our events as safe as possible. Of course, all protocols are subject to changes as public health guidelines, laws, regulations, and best practices evolve.

Registration does not guarantee admission to the event. As part of our current protocols and as a pre-condition of admission to the event, all persons attending EDA events in person will be required to provide proof of full vaccination at the time of admission. In Ontario, being “fully vaccinated” means 14 days after your second dose. Once the “vaccine passport” system is implemented by the Ontario government, you will need to show a QR code from your smartphone (or a print-out) together with a valid government-issued card with your photo (e.g., driver’s license or health card) to verify identity. Note that, until the vaccine passport system is implemented current governmental requirements permits an electronic or print-out version of your vaccination receipt (in Ontario, available through the provincial vaccination portal), also with a valid government-issued photo ID card. Individuals visiting from outside the province or the country will be required to show their full vaccination status and identification to be admitted to the event.

EDA will at all times comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations. Any personal medical information collected from you in connection with our event protocols will be kept confidential, only used by and disclosed to those reasonably necessary to regulate admission to the event, and will not be retained after no longer required.

Call for Papers

The electricity distribution landscape is evolving rapidly. LDCs and their partners are implementing innovative solutions that empower consumers, improve reliability, advance technology and increase community value. LDCs and their partners are invited to submit an abstract for a technical presentation on unique and innovative solutions already delivering value for local customers. The theme of EDIST 2022 is Leading a Bold New Narrative. Abstracts will be evaluated and selected by EDA’s EDIST Committee.

Submissions are now closed.


Abstract Submission Guidelines

Presentations should address one of the major tracks/categories as listed. Presentations must be non-commercial; sales promotions for specific vendor products or services positioned as proposals will not be considered.

Once your paper is selected by the EDIST Committee, EDA has full authority to distribute the paper to all conference attendees and to post it onto the EDIST webpage. Respondents should not expect any form of compensation for their papers or any subsequent presentations.

If your paper is selected for inclusion in the EDIST program, speakers will be invited to attend for that day at no cost.