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Working closely with members, the EDA’s Policy, Government & Corporate Affairs (PCGA) team undertakes valuable research and expert policy development. We dive deep into issues that impact the distribution sector in Ontario today and develop bold ideas for a better tomorrow. We ask challenging questions and identify barriers to positive progress. Then we go further, identifying answers and practical solutions. That is why policy makers and stakeholders look to the EDA for expert advice and firsthand insights into the hearts and minds of distributors and electricity customers in Ontario.


The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) is pleased to share our signature policy paper, Solving Grid-Lock: Our Vision for a Customer-Centric Energy Transition.

The paper outlines how local hydro utilities can play a crucial role in making Ontario grid-ready to achieve low-carbon economy objectives by addressing climate action policies, increasing electrification, driving for new and expanded infrastructure, and meeting evolving customer needs.

We invite all members to join us in the sustained effort to promote and educate our decision-makers, stakeholders, and industry partners on the policy and regulatory enablers that will advance the energy transition, such as:

  • Promoting a shared customer-centric vision for electrification, the role of utilities, and clarity around the function of the OEB.
  • Considering alternative funding approaches and policies to support the required grid modernization and other strategic investments customers need.
  • Investing in the diverse talent development required to sustain a productive electricity sector workforce that can serve customers across the province.

The EDA will use the paper as a foundation for our advocacy where we extol the benefits that grid-ready investments and technologies can bring to Ontario, including:

  • Improved Grid Reliability and Resilience
  • Avoided Energy and Capacity Costs for Customers
  • Enhanced Economic Competitiveness

The Association would like to thank all those members who volunteered their time at various all-member meetings, constituency meetings, and direct feedback opportunities that contributed to the development of the paper. Notably, we express our gratitude to the members of the EDA Board’s Ad Hoc Vision Paper Committee for their leadership role in the paper and the significant work of the paper’s authors at Power Advisory LLC, Toronto Metropolitan University Centre for Urban Energy, and Elenchus Research Associates.

For any other questions, please contact the EDA’s Ted Wigdor, Vice President, Policy, Government & Corporate Affairs.

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For more information on EDA research and reports:

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