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Working closely with members, the EDA’s Policy, Government & Corporate Affairs (PCGA) team undertakes valuable research and expert policy development. We dive deep into issues that impact the distribution sector in Ontario today and develop bold ideas for a better tomorrow. We ask challenging questions and identify barriers to positive progress. Then we go further, identifying answers and practical solutions. That is why policy makers and stakeholders look to the EDA for expert advice and firsthand insights into the hearts and minds of distributors and electricity customers in Ontario.

Your local hydro utility can power Ontario’s energy transition.

The Electrification and Energy Transition Panel (EETP) is a short-term advisory body established to assist Ontario in preparing for electrification and the energy transition. The panel advises the government on valuable short, medium, and long-term opportunities within the energy sector. This includes enabling investment and job creation through low energy rates, fostering a predictable and competitive investment environment, ensuring a reliable, affordable, and clean electricity supply, and enhancing long-term energy planning by coordinating the fuels and electricity sectors.

The panel explored five key themes related to the energy transition and electrification through briefings and engagement with the Ministry of Energy, the IESO and OEB, and a wide array of stakeholders in the energy and adjacent sectors.

These five themes informed the discussion questions for stakeholder engagements and will guide recommendations in the panel’s final report:

  1. Energy Planning — Opportunities to improve long-term, integrated energy planning between the electricity and fuels sectors.
  2. Governance and Accountability — Opportunities and challenges to improve energy sector governance.
  3. Technologies — Opportunities to improve frameworks, regulatory or otherwise, and address barriers to enable core energy technologies and fuel types in energy and other sectors such as buildings/housing, transportation, industry and agriculture.
  4. Community and Customer Perspectives, Affordability and Energy Sector Objectives — Opportunities to balance energy system costs, energy reliability and climate objectives while considering the needs and interests of Indigenous communities, rights-holders and the general public.
  5. Facilitating Economic Growth — Opportunities to advance economic development as it relates to the energy sector and the transition.

The panel invited all stakeholders and interested organizations to provide formal recommendations within the five key themes and the panel’s scope. The open call for written feedback closed on June 30, 2023. Findings from these engagements will guide recommendations in the panel’s final report. Written feedback will help the panel in writing their report to the Minister of Energy due late 2023.

The EDA has been engaged with the panel since its inception and appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on this timely matter. In addition to the EDA recommendations to the EETP (above), please review the array of policy papers and reports below that underpin the Association’s submission.

Take a look at recent EDA policy papers and reports:

The Power to Connect: Advancing Customer-Driven Electricity Solutions for Ontario
An EDA vision paper proposing a new way forward for a customer-driven electricity system in Ontario.
The Power to Connect: A Roadmap to a Brighter Ontario
The EDA’s newest policy paper, identifying current barriers to the evolution of LDCs and outlining solutions for Ontario’s energy future.
EDA MRP Updates
A series of bi-weekly briefings on the IESO’s Market Renewal Program, exclusively for LDC members (login required).
Connecting Devices: A Best Practice Guide for Standardized Distributed Energy Resource Connections Version 1.0
This paper from the EDA is a guide for conversations between utilities and customers as the industry continues to realize the potential of DERs.
Connecting Devices: A Best Practice Guide for Standardized Distributed Energy Resource Connections Version 2.0
This new paper from the EDA is a guide for conversations between utilities and customers as the industry continues to realize the potential of DERs.
Charging Ahead: Electricity Distributors Association Position Paper on Electrified Transportation
This paper outlines the role that LDCs can play in electrified transportation, one of the largest components of overall beneficial electrification expected to unfold in Ontario.
Charging Ahead 2.0: The Local Distribution Company Role in Electric Vehicle Charging & Electrification Development
This new paper builds on the EDA’s first paper on electrification by highlighting the specific roles that LDCs can play in helping to build the much-needed charging infrastructure required for wide scale electric vehicle adoption in Ontario.
Power to Connect Series: Supporting Changing Customer Needs 

This new position paper from the EDA builds upon our previous two Power to Connect papers and will explore distributed energy resource (DER) enablement, integration, and control and operation; and is intended to inform the IESO’s preparation of its DER Roadmap and DER Market Vision.

The Power of Sustainability
This paper identifies opportunities for local hydro utilities relating to the pursuit and enablement of a net-zero future, while also speaking to current regulatory barriers to an effective distribution sector role and how those barriers may be addressed.
The Power of Local Conservation – The Future of Conservation and Demand Management in Ontario
The EDA’s newest position paper and its recommendations aim to inform government and industry partners that LDCs provide a significant value-added solution to the electricity supply-demand gap forecast by the IESO.

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