The Conservation and Sustainability Issues Council focuses on conservation and sustainability issues related primarily to compliance with government and regulatory frameworks.

Conservation and Sustainability Issues Council Members

Staff Lead: Abdul Muktadir, Senior Policy Advisor 
Chair: Jeff Quint, Waterloo North Hydro Inc.
Vice Chair: Jeffrey Floyd, London Hydro Inc. 

Lisa Lee
Hydro One Networks Inc.
Bill Wylie
Alectra Utilities Corporation
Marco Calibani
Essex Energy
Shawn Carr
Hydro Ottawa Limited
Jeffrey E Floyd
London Hydro
Sue Forcier
Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.
Dan Guatto
Burlington Hydro Inc.
Rob Koekkoek
Orangeville Hydro Limited
Tyler Moore
ERTH Power Corporation
Caitlin Newey
Kingston Hydro Corporation
Blaine Osmond
Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution Ltd.
Jeff Quint
Waterloo North Hydro Inc.
Margaret Rodd
Entegrus Powerlines Inc.
Jeff Scott
ENWIN Utilities Ltd.
Dan Steele
Oakville Hydro
Janet Taylor
Oshawa PUC Networks Inc.
Melanie Walls
Elexicon Energy Inc
Tim Wilson