Every term, all board members are invited to express interest in serving on committees of the board. Per the EDA bylaws, the EDA Chair is an ex officio member of all committees.


Mandate: to ensure appropriate development, amendment, interpretation and implementation of the By-laws and Guidelines governing the operation of the Association, including its Districts.

Members 2020-21:

1.       M. Cananzi (Chair)

2.       B. Conrad

3.       J. Fitzsimmons

4.       L. Gallinger

5.       C. Macaluso

6.       R. Mace

7.       Y. Semsedini (Ex Officio)

8.       G. Smallegange (Ex Officio)

9.       C. White (Ex Officio)


Mandate: to assist the Board, as required, in determining the presence or absence of a conflict on the part of a Board member with respect to any contract, transaction or decision.

Members 2020-21:

1.       P. McMullen (Chair)

2.       J. Fitzsimmons

3.       V. Sharma

4.       J. Van Ooteghem

5.       Y. Semsedini (Ex Officio)


Mandate: to oversee the EDA’s budget, audit and financial reports on behalf of the Board of Directors, and to advise the CEO and the Board on matters related to the staff complement, compensation and benefits policies.

Members 2020-21:

1.       Y. Semsedini (Chair)

2.       B. Conrad

3.       M. Cananzi

4.       L. Gallinger

5.       A. Skidmore

6.       V. Sharma

7.       R. Tyrrell

8.       C. White (Ex Officio)

9.       G. Smallegange (Ex Officio)


Mandate: to advise the Board on referred matters, including appropriate membership classes, including qualifications, conditions and privileges, changes in membership status as required, and the structure, nature and recipients of the Association’s honours, citations and awards.

Members 2020-21:

1.       C. White (Chair)

2.       V. Sharma

3.       P. McMullen

4.       S. Robinson

5.       J. Van Ooteghem

6.       Y. Semsedini (Ex Officio)

7.       G. Smallegange (Ex Officio)


Mandate: to oversee the process of election to the Board of Directors, election of the Chair and Vice-Chair, and nomination of EDA representatives to external boards and/or committees. This committee is typically chaired by the immediate Past Chair of the EDA Board of Directors.

Members 2020-21:

1.       G. Smallegange (Chair)

2.       J. Fitzsimmons

3.       R. Mace

4.       C. Macaluso

5.       S. Robinson

6.       A. Skidmore

7.       R. Tyrrell

8.       Y. Semsedini (Ex Officio)

9.       C. White (Ex Officio)

If you have questions about the EDA Board, please contact Ted Wigdor, Vice President, Corporate and Member Affairs, at (905) 265-5362