Councils and Committees


The EDA relies on input and guidance from dedicated subject-matter experts who serve on our councils and committees. These groups guide the development of EDA policies through thoughtful discussion and extensive analysis of the issues that impact local electricity utilities.

Council members are selected following a formal nomination process and subsequently endorsed by the EDA Board. This process ensures that councils are representative of the membership from geographic, size and functional perspectives. Every voice counts, which is why participation in council meetings is always open to the entire LDC membership.

EDA Form for Council Nominations 2024-2025

Regulatory Council

Focuses on regulatory issues for utilities, including:

  • Issues impacting the determination of rates
  • Regulatory instruments or issues impacting regulatory instruments
  • Affiliate issues relating to the regulatory instrument
  • Processes and proceedings before the Ontario Energy Board

Operations and Engineering Council

Focuses on policy issues of a technical or operational nature, including:

  • Amendments to the Distribution Systems Code and Retail Settlement Code
  • Billing, metering and settlement amendments, including changes related to the LDC’s relationship with the MDM/R
  • Safety and environmental issues
  • Cybersecurity and related issues
  • Legislative and regulatory changes of a technical or operational nature

Finance and Corporate Issues Council

Focuses on financial, corporate and strategic business issues, including:

  • Finance
  • Taxation, including transfer tax policy and industry rationalization
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Corporate structure issues, including use of affiliates

Human Resources Council

Focuses on human resource issues facing Ontario’s local distribution companies, including: 

  • Training and qualification requirements for LDC sector needs now and in future
  • Equivalency of qualifications across jurisdictions    
  • Workforce development, supply and planning    

Communicators Council

Focuses on knowledge-sharing and coordination among LDCs on communications efforts, including:

  • Ensuring customer bills are compliant with government and regulatory requirements
  • Effective communication of LDC products and programs
  • Oversight of communications around emergencies, outages and service restoration
  • Leveraging all communications channels to optimize messaging to customers in print, online and through social media

Conservation and Sustainability Issues Council

Focuses on conservation and sustainability issues related primarily to government frameworks, including:

  • Conservation and sustainability proposals from the government and its agencies
  • Enhanced profile of electricity distributors as leaders in promoting conservation
  • Communication and sharing of best practices related to conservation and sustainability activities
  • Development of and securing approval for province-wide conservation programs for LDC implementation

Electrification Council

Focuses on issues and policy related to:

  • Electrification initiatives across the province
  • The incentivization and adoption of electric vehicles, including the ability for utilities to rate-base charging infrastructure 
  • Grid impacts on increased electrification

Commercial Member Steering Committee

Focuses on the success of commercial members including:

  • Identifying areas of opportunity for commercial members
  • Preparing suggested activities with the EDA
  • Identifying any participation opportunities at other events