The EDA represents local hydro utilities, the part of our electricity system that is closest to customers. Local hydro utilities are on the front lines of power, and we know that the most important conversations about energy happen around the kitchen table, not the boardroom table.


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On the frontlines of power

We put our customers first and are directly connected to them on the front lines. We are in the best position to respond directly to the needs of customers by:

Delivering hydro efficiently and affordably.      

Supporting customers who want new and innovative services from their local hydro utilities.

Ensuring that customers are plugged in to a modern and reliable hydro system that works for them.

  • "This microgrid paves the way for a resilient, sustainably powered future for the heart of North Bay and shows how forward-thinking approaches to power delivery can be used to protect our community members," says Matt Payne, President and Chief Operating Officer for North Bay Hydro Services. "We are proud to be setting the example for other utilities around the world who are considering a resiliency hub microgrid to better their communities."
  • As Bryce Conrad, President and CEO of Hydro Ottawa tells it, his employees are hard-wired to weather any storm. "Our employees rise to the occasion at the most critical times. Regardless of job title or role, we always have employees jumping into action or volunteering when there is trouble," Conrad says. "It's almost impossible to send employees home in the middle of a crisis to get rest. They don’t want to go."

Power of Local Hydro

We have developed a relationship of trust with our customers by going to work every day to deliver safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

  • We have our fingers on the pulse of what Ontarians expect from the electricity system because we work with them one-on-one. Our customers understand the power of local hydro.
  • We are eager to continue to work with government to reduce red tape so that local hydro utilities can continue to provide customers with safe, reliable and affordable electricity.
  • Local hydro utilities power economic growth and job creation, and we are there when help is needed most.
  • Recognizing the power of local hydro is essential to keeping this relationship of trust strong both now and into the future.
  • Like in any business, local hydro utilities are embracing innovation to meet changing customer needs and to drive greater value for customers.

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