Power of Local Hydro
Power of Local Hydro

The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) is a crucial source of information and helpful advice for government — we are essential partners in delivering on energy policy.


Ontario’s local hydro utilities are the part of our electricity system closest to customers. Find and follow your local utility today!

  • "Customers Trust Local Hydro! That positive impact comes from providing safe and reliable electricity. It’s a testament to how effectively we do so that most Ontarians give very little thought to all that goes on behind the scenes to ensure power is there at the flick of a switch, a touch of a button, or swipe of a screen.” – Chris White, President & CEO, ERTH Power
  • Customers know local hydro powers the local economy! Ontario’s local hydro utilities are community champions – we work tirelessly to provide our customers with safe and reliable electricity that powers job creation and growth.” – Janice McMichael-Dennis, President and CEO, Bluewater Power
  • Customers expect innovation from local hydro! As stewards of one of society’s most essential services, we play a critical role in modernizing our sector to fit the needs of today’s energy consumer. This means advocating for the right balance between regulation and modernization to enable Canada’s net zero targets while providing more choice and increasing energy reliability and resiliency.”
    – Indy J. Butany-DeSouza, President & CEO, Elexicon Energy
  • "Customers benefit from less red tape in local hydro! Modern, streamlined, and flexible regulation will reduce costs and create savings for customers. Local hydro utilities are responsible for powering the people and businesses of Ontario – let us focus on frontline service.” – Rob Koekkoek, President and CEO, Orangeville Hydro

What Ontario’s Local Hydro Utilities Recommend

We have our fingers on the pulse of what Ontarians need from their electricity system. The EDA encourages government and industry partners to:

  • Commit to partnering with local hydro utilities when it comes to electricity policy that impacts our customers and our ability to serve them.
  • Create a modern regulator with less red tape to reduce costs and create savings for customers while allowing utilities to focus on innovation and frontline service.
  • Work with local hydro utilities to ensure our electricity system infrastructure is resilient to the impacts of climate change.
  • As customers explore new technologies and services, respect the role of utilities as protectors of the public interest who manage safe and reliable electricity grids for all Ontarians.
  • Allow utilities to invest appropriately in charging infrastructure to support the growing market for electric vehicles and facilitate the wider electrification of public transit.