About US


The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) represents local hydro utilities, the part of our electricity system that is closest to customers. Local hydro utilities are on the front lines of power, and we know that the most important conversations about energy happen around the kitchen table, not the boardroom table. Our customers understand the power of local hydro, and they value the relationship of trust they have built with their local hydro utilities, relying on us to deliver safer, more reliable, and more affordable electricity.

The EDA draws together a broad community of LDCs, associations, LDC affiliate companies and commercial enterprises that do business with utilities, providing opportunities for information sharing and collaboration across the sector. The EDA’s dynamic team collaborates with industry and subject-matter experts to support member business success through advocacy, policy analysis and a broad range of opportunities for learning and networking.



The EDA exists to provide local distribution companies with the valued industry knowledge, networking opportunities and collective action vital to the business success of each member.


Leveraging our unique depth of distribution-related expertise, we provide members with:

Up-to-date, expert analysis of relevant legislation and market rules, with a particular focus on regulation

Advocacy and representation in the legislative and regulatory environment and the electricity market in Ontario

Networking opportunities for communication with professional and industry colleagues