This preeminent distribution-sector event combines insights on emerging trends and technical issues, and will continue with a virtual, three-part speaker series in 2022 featuring engaging global speakers.

Join us on December 2 for Overcoming OT Vulnerability: Guidance for Power and Utility Companies

Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity is a crucial component of protecting the uptime, security and safety of industrial environments and critical infrastructure. The sheer number of assets and vulnerabilities within an organization's OT environment can be overwhelming for security teams to manage. Increasingly, OT vulnerability management has grown beyond crucial network scans to include the security of applications and a growing number of endpoints. In this session, Peter Morin, National Cybersecurity Leader at Grant Thornton, will provide insight into how organizations have responded to changing vulnerability management needs and what adjustments are needed to ensure your company's assets are safe and secure. Of specific interest to our sector, Peter will also discuss how to use rich business intelligence to prioritize your OT vulnerability mitigation based on risk to your business.

Register for this session to learn:

  • How a 360-degree view of your assets provides OT context to risk management
  • The components of a robust OT vulnerability management program
  • What mitigation efforts will allow your company to respond to attacks quicker
  • Benefits of a continuous vulnerability assessment and management program


  • December 2 session Members $65+HST
  • December 2 session Non Members $85+HST

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