Women Connected will be held virtually November 25, 2020

Women Connected is designed for senior leaders as well as those just entering the workforce and provides insights drawn from both within and outside the energy sector. The event continues to grow and gain in popularity as one of the key offerings focused specifically on the personal and professional development of women.


The health and safety of all our members, stakeholders and partners is of utmost importance to us. With that in mind, we have decided to hold Women Connected virtually. The virtual platform will allow for:

  • Larger audience potential as geography will not be a barrier
  • On demand access to all presentations
  • Other unique and exciting features!

What You Need to Know

What: EDA CON::NECT Women Connected 2020
Explore the ideas and issues of women in the electricity distributor sector.
Who: Board members, executives and sales & marketing.
When: November 25, 2020
How Much:TBD


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