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Overcoming ‘Goldfish’ Attention Spans: For Utilities

According to a recent study done by Nielsen, it was determined that, since 2000, the attention span of humans has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds, putting us below the attention span of goldfish! This downward trend presents a new challenge for utilities as they aim to stay relevant and make a lasting impression on their customers – not only do we need to compete for attention in a crowded digital landscape, we need to maintain it. In the energy sector, ideas for interesting content isn’t usually the problem as there are plenty of fascinating trends emerging all the time. So, what’s the answer? How can utilities evolve to produce content that both captures and captivates their audiences? At Hydro Ottawa, we believe the answer is seeking out content mediums that build brand personality, foster two-way engagement, and tell a story. These days, consumers want to know brands are real, human and relatable. This can be achieved through a consistent style and message and through bra ...

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Future of HR: Transforming HR in the Energy Sector

Ontario’s energy sector is a complex structure, filled with a plethora of interconnected relationships that enable energy to flow from production to consumers’ homes. The energy sector however is rapidly evolving, due to regulatory pressures and advancements in technology amongst other reasons. Results from KPMG’s Global HR survey indicates that 81% of respondents recognized the need for the workforce to be transformed within the energy sector. With this in mind, we have identified three key areas that should be at the forefront of the HR agenda:   TALENT: For the first time, corporations need to manage the presence of up to five distinct generational groups in the workforce, each with its own wants, needs, and motivators. In fact, 45% of CEOs note that hiring senior leadership that can relate to Millennials is one of their biggest priorities. WORKFORCE SHAPING: Current trends and disruptive forces such as smart metering, automation in asset data management and continuous ...

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