Local hydro is not only powerful, it’s positively golden.

That according to the judges in two international marketing and digital-communication awards programs.

This week EDA was very pleased to be notified of gold-level recognition for the current version of its Power of Local Hydro (PoLH) awareness and advocacy campaign. The campaign was refreshed last year and focuses on the crucial role of EDA members “On the Frontlines of Power”.

The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing, and design of traditional and emerging media. The gold-level designation for the EDA campaign is in the category of “Strategic Programs – Public Relations Campaign”, and acknowledges the success of PoLH’s overall strategic purpose, objectives, and implementation.

The dotCOMM Awards is an international competition honouring excellence in web creativity and digital communication. The gold-level designation for the EDA campaign is in the category of “Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns – Brand Awareness Campaign”, and acknowledges the successful use of digital advertising and “organic” social media as key tactics. The EDA also won a dotCOMM award in 2017 for video produced for another campaign.

“We were excited about this campaign from day one,” says EDA President and CEO Teresa Sarkesian. “The distribution sector doesn’t always get recognized for the extremely important frontline role it plays, and this was a chance to claim some credit on behalf of our members.

“We know the campaign has moved the needle on awareness and appreciation with the decision makers we deal with daily,” Teresa adds. “But it’s great to have its impact confirmed by an authoritative marketing-industry source. We were able to execute the Power of Local Hydro campaign very cost-effectively, and now we’re even more sure that it’s also a top-tier communications product.”

Both of these long-standing awards programs are administered by the Dallas-based Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, whose competitions are among the largest of their type in the world.

The EDA once again thanks all members who contributed to the development, execution and success of the PoLH campaign, through the contribution of visuals and proof points, and through the active promotion of campaign messages via their own communications channels. The campaign remains active, and campaign materials are available at: www.eda-on.ca/Power-of-Local-Hydro.