Keeping up with COVID-19: The need for digital resilience

Our world is evolving at a rapid pace, and organizations who fail to remain agile, or embrace an agile work environment, will no doubt be left behind. At the core of an organization lies a need for digital resiliency.

Digital resilience is a fundamental understanding of your core technology combined with cyber risk management in order to adapt for long term success of the organization. While your strategy may be built and managed at the top, it is important that everyone understands the role they play and the risks that come with poor execution.

It’s important to consider the following:

  1. What technology is essential to retain the day-to-day operations of your organization?
  • What technology do you rely upon to maintain business?
  • What technology will you require in the future to increase business?
  1. Have you completed a detailed risk assessment of potential threats against your company?
    • Do you regularly review risk assessments and adjust to remain agile?
  • Are your employees using personal laptops for work? Have you employed services like LogMeIn so they can safely use their personal computers while working from home?
  • Have you encrypted mobile devices being used for work? Are these devices able to be wiped remotely in the instance of a breach?
  1. Are you establishing, updating and sharing company protocols with your staff?
  • Have you communicated protocols on the use of social media for work purposes?
  • Have you set up procedures to help employees securely store files while working remotely?
  • Is your staff aware of protocols around customer privacy data in remote settings?
  1. Do you conduct training sessions, so your employees are informed on emerging threats?
  • Have you taught your employees what a phishing email is?
  • Do they know who to call in case of a breach?

Gaining a deep understanding of your technology, people and processes is key in developing and supporting your digital resilience strategy but can help you pivot quickly should another disruption occur.

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