Across the province local hydro utilities are doing everything in their power to help customers through the difficult circumstances that the ongoing pandemic has created for so many.

In particular, utilities are making it easier for those who have lost their jobs, or are struggling to keep up with their bills. Flexible payment arrangements are being made, the regular seasonal moratorium on service disconnections has been extended, and off-peak pricing is being provided around-the-clock. Utilities are also keeping customers informed of available relief measures, via their social media and other channels.

EDA member utilities are also reaching out to help their communities more broadly. This week we highlight just a few examples:

Last week London Hydro donated 3,000 N95 masks to London’s Emergency Control Group to be distributed to frontline health care workers. The utility also provided $250,000 to the provincial Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) to help customers struggling to pay their electricity bills. 

This past Tuesday Hydro Ottawa donated 12,000 surgical masks to the Ottawa Hospital, helping to meet the urgent need for medical personal protective equipment within its community.

Alectra Utilities has activated its Emergency Operations Centre so it can work closely with the province and its municipal partners to ensure the heath and safety of its employees, customers and the public.

Sudbury Hydro decided to do something for the parents with children at home by posting printable colouring pages that are not only fun but educational, since they teach children about electrical safety.

Local hydro utilities and their employees care about the communities they serve. Like all Ontarians, they are coping with unprecedented circumstances. They are missing the family and friends they can’t currently see, and are often concerned about the wellbeing of their parents, kids and neighbours. But we are in this together!