Working in the electricity sector has many benefits, including playing a key role in keeping the lights on in our communities.

Did you know that during a crisis utility workers are among first responders? Utility crews are often among the first on the scene of a disaster. Their hard work and commitment to safety make it possible for other first responders to do their job.

They are on the frontlines of power and are responsible for delivering safe, reliable electricity across the province – they help power homes, businesses and industry. From Ottawa to Windsor – Kenora to the GTHA, local hydro utilities put our customers first, making sure they keep your lights on. They plug their customers into a modern, reliable hydro system that works for them.

Utility crews are supported by dedicated energy sector professionals in many business functions and units including customer service, operations & engineering, finance & administration, policy & regulatory, safety, environmental sciences, conservation, communications & public relations, government relations, as well as executive leadership and governance.

As the part of the electricity system closest to customers, local hydro utilities are on the front lines of power. 

You could join the number of utility workers across the province. There are 11,000 men and women working diligently to serve their customers.

Ontario’s local hydro utilities are always on the job.