As the operator of Ontario’s electricity system, the IESO seeks input from system participants and stakeholders to ensure that province-wide and community-level energy requirements are met efficiently and effectively. The EDA works closely with the IESO to provide valuable input on a range of electricity system and market issues. Most recently, the EDA has launched a committee to provide valuable input on IESO’s Market Renewal Program.

2020 EDA submissions to the IESO

EDA Submission: Energy Payments for Demand Response to the IESO - September 17, 2020

EDA Submission: Market Settlement - July 31, 2020

EDA Submission: Grid and Market Operations Integration - July 24, 2020

EDA Submission: Offers, Bids, Data - July 24, 2020

EDA Submission: York Region Non-Wires Alternatives Demonstration Project - July 23, 2020

EDA Submission: Energy Storage Design Project - July 23, 2020

EDA Submission: Demand Response - June 11, 2020

EDA Submission: Energy Storage Program - June 10, 2020

EDA Submission: Energy Efficiency Auction Pilot - June 9, 2020

EDA Submission: Exploring DER Participation in the IESO Administered Markets - February 13, 2020

EDA Submission: IESO York Region NWA Demonstartion Project - January 09, 2020

2019 EDA submissions to the IESO

Demand Response Feed Back Form - December 10,2019

Feedback form Regarding the Demand Response Working Group Presentation - November 12, 2019

edas feedback on the recent ieso design document on ders

 comments in response to september, 20th, ieso presentation capacity auction

mrp business case: request for participant cost data - may 31, 2019

eda delivers submission to the ieso on the high-level design of the incremental capacity auction introduction - may 17, 2019

eda delivers memo to the ieso in response to white paper project breifs - may 10, 2019

eda delivers submission on transitional capacity auction, phase 1 design document - may 2, 2019

eda submission to meeting ontario’s capacity needs: 2020 to 2024 - march 22, 2019

achievable potential study – scenario feedback - march 1, 2019

comments on the high level design of the day ahead market and of the enhanced real-time unit commitment - february 28, 2019

eda submission to ieso ontario planning outlook - february 21, 2019

following are the eda’s submissions to the ieso over the past two years:

ieso roadmap - ldc input to additional questions - december 21, 2018

eda submission to the ieso - 2017

EDA Submission to the IESO - 2018


 For more information on EDA submissions to the IESO, including archived submissions, contact:


Ted Wigdor

Vice President, Policy, Government & Corporate Affairs

(905) 265-5362

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