The Power to Connect: A Roadmap to a Brighter Ontario

Building upon our 2017 vision paper, Power to Connect: Advancing Customer-Driven Electricity Solutions for Ontario, this new paper identifies current challenges and barriers to the evolution of LDCs, through an assessment of current policy, legislation and regulations. The paper also outlines steps Ontario’s policymakers can take to best serve the interests of our evolving industry.

Key highlights of Power to Connect: A Roadmap to a Brighter Ontario

  • Alignment with Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan in its focus on customers, cost-effective electricity, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions-reduction targets, and the evolving role of LDCs;
  • Solutions mapped to Ontario’s goals of prioritizing conservation, innovation and a more flexible regulatory framework;
  • A roadmap to facilitate LDC leadership in enabling, integrating, owning and operating distributed energy resources (DERs) to better meet customers’ needs.

The Power to Connect Vision Paper 2

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