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It’s a Woman’s World Too

Even in 2020, the electricity sector is still seen by many as male dominated. The current edition of The Distributor magazine includes an article looking at this perception – and at current reality – based on interviews with women in a variety of leadership roles across EDA member companies. Each of them have long track records in electricity, and they reflect on the progress towards gender equity to date. At one interviewee’s utility, for example, women represent more than a third of the management team and more than half the board. And our own president and CEO here at EDA is among the growing number of female senior executives in electricity. When discussing the barriers that have been broken down, the interviewees credit the many women who came before them for clearing the path forward. As in other industries, one can imagine it was not always an easy task. But even with the progress that has been made there is still some ways to go and some gaps to fill. We need to continue ...

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Powerline Safety Week - Safety First Saves Lives

As Powerline Safety Week comes to an end we’d like to recognize and reflect on the good work our utility members and their affiliates do across the province, in reminding people of how dangerous powerlines can be and of why it is so important for people to stay away from them. As the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has underscored this week, even the most seasoned of operators must be careful of powerlines. For example, dump truck drivers should always check for powerlines before they raise their load box, and if they do see a powerline, they should stay three meters away. The ESA would also like to remind people that even downed powerlines could have electricity running through them; and that as the warmer weather comes around, and many of us are pruning trees or cleaning our eavesdrops, we also need to keep a three meter distance from all powerlines. With so many people staying home during the current pandemic, a lot of outdoor improvement projects are no doubt underway and this require ...

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Keeping up with COVID-19: The need for digital resilience By: Grant Thornton

Keeping up with COVID-19: The need for digital resilience Our world is evolving at a rapid pace, and organizations who fail to remain agile, or embrace an agile work environment, will no doubt be left behind. At the core of an organization lies a need for digital resiliency. Digital resilience is a fundamental understanding of your core technology combined with cyber risk management in order to adapt for long term success of the organization. While your strategy may be built and managed at the top, it is important that everyone understands the role they play and the risks that come with poor execution. It’s important to consider the following: What technology is essential to retain the day-to-day operations of your organization? What technology do you rely upon to maintain business? What technology will you require in the future to increase business? Have you completed a detailed risk assessment of potential threats against your company? Do you regularly rev ...

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