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EDA Brings A Refreshed Power of Local Hydro Message to District AGMs

  September is always a busy time for the EDA and this year was no exception. Our President and CEO, Teresa Sarkesian, EDA Chair, Gerry Smallengage and EDA staff took part in our 2019 district AGM roadshow to connect and reconnect with our members from utilities of all sizes, representing various regions across Ontario and companies that provide critical goods and services and support to the electricity sector.    Our CEO used this opportunity to launch an important refresh of the EDA’s Power of Local Hydro campaign with members. The development of this new narrative is a key part in the EDA’s broader effort to strengthen positive perceptions of our industry at Queen’s Park, to the public and utility customers across Ontario.   The Power of Local Hydro campaign will continue to demonstrate how local hydro utilities are on the front lines of power, where electricity customers can rely on their local hydro utility to deliver safer, more reliable and more ...

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This May be a Stupid Question but Why do People Attend Conferences

            There are lots of reasons to go to conferences; it is an opportunity for creativity and innovation, networking and learning, to gain confidence in your abilities and a reason to break out the office and out of your comfort zone. Highlighted below are just a few of the reasons people attend conferences. 1. To network A big reason for going to conferences is to meet with likeminded people and industry peers. Conferences bring together people from all different geographical areas who share a common discipline or field, and they are a great way to meet new people. 2. To expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems Conferences are great opportunity to learn more about your industry. For example, these could be new techniques, new types of equipment, unpublished data, creative and innovative ways of looking at solutions to problems, or potentially learn from thought-leaders that you may not have previously heard of. 3. To present ...

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Future of HR: Transforming HR in the Energy Sector

Ontario’s energy sector is a complex structure, filled with a plethora of interconnected relationships that enable energy to flow from production to consumers’ homes. The energy sector however is rapidly evolving, due to regulatory pressures and advancements in technology amongst other reasons. Results from KPMG’s Global HR survey indicates that 81% of respondents recognized the need for the workforce to be transformed within the energy sector. With this in mind, we have identified three key areas that should be at the forefront of the HR agenda:   TALENT: For the first time, corporations need to manage the presence of up to five distinct generational groups in the workforce, each with its own wants, needs, and motivators. In fact, 45% of CEOs note that hiring senior leadership that can relate to Millennials is one of their biggest priorities. WORKFORCE SHAPING: Current trends and disruptive forces such as smart metering, automation in asset data management and continuous ...

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Future proof: How non-regulated investments are changing LDCs

                    Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult for municipalities to extract value from their Local Distribution Companies (LDCs). Not only do tight regulations limit how much revenue an LDC can bring in, but they also constrain how LDCs can pursue their strategic and growth objectives. In light of these restrictions, a growing number of municipalities are beginning to explore non-regulated opportunities for investment—with encouraging results. Given their history and experience, LDCs have the foundational resources, infrastructure and expertise to explore ancillary business-to-consumer opportunities. From technology applications like fibre and broadband to water heater rentals, the demand for additional LDC services is there. LDCs and municipalities alike simply have to uncover ways to seize them. For many, this will require the creation and implementation of a sound, non-regulated invest ...

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Welcome to the EDA Blog

The EDA has long been the voice for the electricity distribution sector in Ontario, making sure the concerns, and priorities of our industry are heard by the province’s leaders and policy makers. In recent years, the EDA has made a focused effort to enhance our communications, including upgrades to our The Distributor, RapidSources, the EDA Weekly, Member Handbook and more. With the recent refresh of our website, we are very pleased to enhance those efforts further by launching a new Blog. The EDA Blog is now your go-to resource for industry news and insights, accessible 24/7 from any web-connected device. I encourage all members and friends of the EDA to bookmark this page and return often for ongoing updates not only from the EDA team but also from members, sector leaders and subject matter experts. When you check out the EDA Blog, you can expect to find informative insights and analysis from the EDA and from expert contributors on topics of interest, including: Policy and governmen ...

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