On May 20, over 200 members attended the EDA Awards Gala to celebrate LDC excellence in the sector. Thank you to EDA Board Chair Chris White, President and CEO of ERTH Corporation, for hosting the event, and to our corporate and event sponsors for their generous contributions.

Hat offs to our LDC members for all the amazing work you do in the communities you serve. That’s why, this year, every LDC member will be recognized as a winner of the Public Electrical Safety Excellence Award, sponsored by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

Congratulations to this year’s award winners in the following categories for all your hard work and well-deserved recognition:

The LDC Performance Excellence Award recognizes outstanding performance in occupational health and safety, operations, finance, conservation, and contributions to the community. This year it was awarded to Entegrus Powerlines for accomplishments that included a comprehensive health and safety management system worthy of IHSA CORTM 2 certification and strong community investments with approximately $425,000 charitable donations in 2020.

The Public Electrical Safety Excellence Award, sponsored by the ESA, was presented by its President & CEO, David Collie at the gala. The award was granted to All LDC Members of the EDA for their extraordinary efforts to continue the delivery of safe and reliable electricity to Ontarians in 2020.

The Communications Excellence Award was presented to Alectra Utilities for successfully engaging employees from the outset in its internal communications strategy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Customer Service Excellence Award was presented to London Hydro for undertaking an extensive website refresh to improve customer self-service options, including a Price Plan Calculator for residential and small business customers.

The Environmental Excellence Award was presented to Hydro One for supporting Ontario’s biodiversity through its one-of-a-kind Pollinator Habitat Program.

The Innovation Excellence Award was presented to Waterloo North Hydro for introducing a Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration project to its distribution system, helping to decrease the severity and duration of power interruptions for customers.

The Public Relations Excellence Award was presented to Burlington Hydro for its balanced approach to celebrating its 75th anniversary in the midst of a global pandemic to build trust and showcase its long-standing history in the community.

Two Chair’s Citations for individual achievement and service were presented to Max Cananzi, formerly of Alectra Utilities, and Dr. George Shaparew of InnPower Corporation. And two Honorary Memberships for individual service to the industry and the EDA with distinction over a long period of time were also presented to Bart Burman of Burman Energy Consultants and Pierre Carriere, formerly of Coopérative Hydro Embrun Inc.

Congratulations everyone!