This week the EDA was excited to release the digital version of the latest issue of The Distributor magazine. It includes feature articles on each of this year’s EDA award winners, who were honoured at the February gala.

This year the EDA Local Distribution Company Performance Excellence Award, was awarded to Essex Powerlines for accomplishments that included prioritization of the necessary conversion work to simplify its distribution system, reduce inventory, and more.

The Communications Excellence Award was presented to Halton Hills Hydro for engaging customers from the outset in its latest Cost of Service rate application, using an innovative approach. It launched an interactive customer engagement website, to inform and collaborate with customers in preparation for the filing.

The Customer Service Excellence award was presented to PUC Distribution (Sault Ste. Marie). PUC identified the Ontario government’s AffordAbility Fund Trust program as an effective way to support its customers.

The Environmental Excellence Award was presented to Alectra Utilities for its AlectraCARES One Planet Program. This program entails pursuit of both GHG and waste reduction targets, through a focus on employee and customer education, stewardship, corporate action, volunteer involvement, and broader stakeholder engagement.

Hydro One received the Innovation Award for its Aroland Battery Energy Storage System. This initiative is designed to improve reliability in a remote First Nations community, though the use of non-wires distributed energy solutions.

The Public Electrical Safety Excellence Award was presented to ENWIN Utilities. It created a safety campaign that harnessed the power of sports marketing through broadcast and social media to inspire positive associations that help customers internalize safety-related messages.

The Public Relations Excellence Award, was presented to Niagara Peninsula Energy. Niagara Peninsula was the first in Ontario to participate in a Utility Box Artwork Program and is an industry leader in reimagining how its customers view its equipment, both literally and figuratively.

Two Chair’s Citations for individual achievement and service were also presented. Ruth Tyrrell, Chief Corporate Officer at Orangeville Hydro, was recognized for more than two decades of service within and ambassadorship on behalf of the distribution sector. Ron Stewart was recognized for accomplishments over the course of his multi-decade service in the sector, including leading the merger through which Hydro Ottawa was formed, and a post-retirement focus on advancing connection initiatives for remote and First Nations communities.

In addition, the magazine includes an overview of advocacy and other actions to help the sector navigate through the unprecedent challenge of COVID-19; our regular scan of sectoral developments; updates on the EDA’s Advocacy in Action and CON::NECT event series; and a sampling of how members are deploying the Power of Local Hydro; plus insights from EDA sponsor Grant Thornton, this time on returning to the workplace safely post-pandemic

The EDA’s interactive digital edition gives you all the content plus direct links to contributors, advertisers and more.