Whether it is local or on the national stage – Ontario’s hydro utilities are consistently ranked or recognized as top employers. 

There are many reasons why a company can be credited as a top employer. Characteristics include culture, integrity, credibility, flexibility, and core values. Whatever the criteria, Ontario’s hydro utilities are making and sustaining themselves as career destinations for an ever-increasing diversity of potential employees who have unique skills sets to offer an industry that has a bright future.

Across the province and much of Canada, utilities are investing in employee potential. They are focused on professional and skills and trades development by engaging with post-secondary institutions, industry partners, and government to expand their own talent pools.

Utilities continue to appeal to potential employees who are naturally community-focused and motivated to help keep the lights on in their cities and towns. However, utilities are also appealing to prospective employees from an array of new skillsets including the environmental sciences, information technology, communications & marketing, and other fields to support an increasingly innovative focus in hydro.

This is an industry that despite significant technological change remains very customer centric and promotes the value of strong connections to the people and places they serve. In Ontario, 11,000 men and women are working for the province’s hydro utilities. They are on the front lines of power and “plug” their customers into a modern, reliable hydro system that works for them.

Congratulations to the Ontario hydro utilities recognized as top local, regional, and national employers in the last decade.