The result of the October 21st Federal Election was a minority government with the Liberals winning 157 seats; Conservatives 121; Bloc Quebecois 32; New Democratic Party 24; and Green Party 3. All party platforms made significant policy commitments related to energy, environment, and climate change. In a minority government, the Liberals may work together with other parties on specific commitments to ensure support of their own initiatives. With the necessity of working with at least one other party to pass legislation, the EDA has provided a summary of the party platforms of interest to local hydro utilities in Ontario.


  • Interest free loans for home retrofits
  • Retrofit 1.5 million homes, over the next five years, by giving interested homeowners and landlords a free energy audit and then providing interest-free loans of up to $40,000 through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).
  • Create a Net Zero Homes Grant of up to $5,000 to help buyers of newly built homes that are certified zero-emissions.
  • Make Energy Star certification mandatory for all new home appliances, as of 2022.
  • $720 million to support the electrification of transit and transportation over five years via five initiatives:
  • Charging stations: Install up to 5,000 charging stations along the Trans-Canada Highway and major road networks, and in Canada’s urban and rural areas.
  • Used zero-emissions vehicles rebate: Expand the existing rebate on zero emission vehicles to purchases of used zero-emission vehicles, up to 10% or $2,000.
  • Investments in electric public transit: Require that new federal investments in public transit are used to support only zero-emission public transit starting in 2023.


  • Green Home Tax Credit
  • Set an emissions standard for major emitters that will lower GHGs, requiring polluters to invest in research, development, and adoption of emissions-reducing technology.
  • Establish a Green home retrofit code for renovators, contractors and homeowners.
  • Introduce Energy Savings Performance Contracting


  • Create 300,000 good jobs in energy efficiency retrofits, affordable housing, renewable energy, infrastructure, and transit.
  • Make all new buildings in Canada net-zero ready by 2030, and complete energy efficiency retrofits on all existing housing stock in Canada by 2050.
  • Require large-scale building retrofits across all sectors to reduce energy demand. Partner with provinces to fund energy efficient retrofits on social housing units and government buildings.
  • Ensure energy efficiency and sustainable building practices are at the core of a national housing strategy.
  • Provide provinces and municipalities with access to low-cost financing for energy efficient retrofits in public buildings such as libraries, schools, community centres.
  • Procure from Canadian companies producing clean technology, ensure federal buildings use renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Green Party

  • Launching an energy efficiency retrofit of residential, commercial and institutional buildings.
  • Financing building retrofits and installation of renewable energy technologies such as solar and heat pumps through direct grants, zero-interest loans and repayments based on energy/cost savings.
  • Changing the national building code to require new construction to meet net-zero emission standards by 2030 and work with the provinces to enact it.

Members can look for more insights and analyses on federal policy developments in future EDA communications.