From Outages to Opportunities: Fort Frances' Vision for an Integrated Microgrid Electricity Distributors Association

From Outages to Opportunities: Fort Frances' Vision for an Integrated Microgrid

Fort Frances

  • 20 October 2023
  • Author: Sari Maritzer
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From Outages to Opportunities: Fort Frances' Vision for an Integrated Microgrid

In a move to transform its energy landscape and bid farewell to power outages, the Fort Frances Power Corporation has joined forces with the Town of Fort Frances in a groundbreaking endeavour — the creation of an integrated microgrid. This ambitious project not only promises to fortify the town's resilience against outages but also holds the potential to bring a wave of innovation and prosperity to the community.

The Challenge of Reliability

Fort Frances' dependence on a single supply point on Ontario's grid has made the town vulnerable to prolonged power outages. Joerg Ruppenstein, President, and CEO of Fort Frances Power Corporation, emphasized the unacceptable nature of these interruptions. To address this issue, the community is seeking an innovative solution that ensures they are never left in the dark again.

Microgrid Solution

Microgrids are self-contained electricity grids that operate independently or in conjunction with the provincial power grid. Fort Frances envisions developing an integrated community-based microgrid system capable of switching between two modes:

  • Grid-connected mode: This mode keeps the microgrid linked to the provincial grid.
  • Island mode: In this mode, the microgrid operates autonomously, disconnected from the provincial grid.

The ability to switch between these modes grants the community the flexibility to maintain power even during severe storms or grid maintenance. This newfound reliability is a crucial motivation for Fort Frances' pursuit of a microgrid.

Sustainable Energy Integration

Beyond enhancing reliability and economic development, the integrated microgrid project offers environmental benefits. Fort Frances can incorporate renewable energy sources like solar and wind power into the microgrid system. This not only reduces the community's carbon footprint but also positions it to support the growth of electric vehicles. Fort Frances has the potential to become a hub for electric vehicle charging, reducing the reliance on gas, which is often cheaper but less sustainable.

Fort Frances Power and the Town of Fort Frances' quest to build an integrated microgrid represents a pioneering step towards ensuring reliable electricity, boosting the local economy, and promoting sustainable energy practices. This innovative project serves as an inspiring example of how, by partnering with their utility, communities can leverage the power of local hydro and take control of their energy future, providing hope and opportunities for a brighter and more resilient tomorrow.