ERTH Corporation “Pushing the Envelope” on Sustainable Bill Printing Electricity Distributors Association

ERTH Corporation “Pushing the Envelope” on Sustainable Bill Printing

ERTH Corporation

  • 13 October 2023
  • Author: Sari Maritzer
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ERTH Corporation “Pushing the Envelope” on Sustainable Bill Printing

As utilities seek to adopt sustainable business practices to achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets, ERTH is “pushing the envelope” on sustainable bill printing by introducing a standardized utility bill design and innovative print methodology. While the goal remains to maximize the adoption of paperless e-billing, the reality is that some customers still prefer paper bills so ERTH needed to look for a more sustainable print solution.

ERTH’s approach leverages sustainable practices and paper stock, along with cutting-edge printing technology to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and costs.

ERTH has sourced a more eco-friendly paper stock and double-window envelope design which eliminates the need to pre-print logos on envelopes and bill stock. With the installation of three energy-efficient RISO COMCOLOR GL9730 printers, ERTH is equipped to perform all printing in-house at a rate of 540 pages per minute. By bringing bill printing completely in-house, ERTH has streamlined the process, enabling utilities to reduce bill printing costs while offering their customers a modern, user-friendly, full-colour bill design.

Beyond the print materials, there are many other measurable ESG benefits, from energy conservation as a result of ERTH’s new energy-efficient printers, to the reduction in shipping transportation and packaging through supply chain optimization.

By adopting ERTH's sustainable bill print services and standardized bill design, utilities stand to achieve remarkable cost savings of up to 20% per month compared to traditional bill print methods. Moreover, ERTH’s methodology and process reduces carbon (CO2) emissions by approximately 1,432 lbs for every 100,000 bills printed.

"While eBilling remains the most eco-friendly solution and our ultimate goal for all customers, the reality is that some customers still prefer a paper bill,” said Ysni Semsedini, President and CEO of NT Power. By embracing innovative print technology and sustainable business processes, ERTH has not only helped us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint associated with today’s bill printing requirements but also to achieve cost savings. The standardized bill design enhances the customer experience by allowing consumers to easily understand their charges and energy usage.”

In a time when climate action is a global priority, ERTH's forward-thinking bill print solution is helping utilities and municipalities move closer to their net-zero aspirations while making a positive impact on both their bottom line and the planet.