A Resilient Workforce is a Thriving Workforce Electricity Distributors Association

A Resilient Workforce is a Thriving Workforce

Ask the Expert: Grant Thornton LLP

  • 28 April 2023
  • Author: Sari Maritzer
  • Number of views: 203
A Resilient Workforce is  a Thriving Workforce

Resilient organizations don’t just bounce back from misfortune or change— they bounce forward. They absorb shocks and turn them into opportunities to capture sustainable, inclusive growth. When challenges arise, leaders and teams quickly assess the situation, double down on what’s working, and walk away from what’s not. But without resilient employees, there can’t be resilient organizations.

Cultivating such organizational resilience is difficult—especially today when you’re faced with increased demand, high energy prices, and record levels of energy production requiring employment increases, yet there aren’t enough people to fill necessary roles. As an energy employer, you compete for the best and brightest while the labour market shrinks. Without action, you could face a prolonged or even deepened skills shortage with a tighter labour market ahead.

Being resilient holds a clear advantage. The labour shortage is your opportunity to make lasting, substantive, positive changes to business as usual— maximizing your employees’ potential to grow, innovate, and feel engaged. After all, it’s much easier and less expensive to train, develop, and empower your current employees than continually hiring new people.

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