Prioritizing Customer Needs Electricity Distributors Association

Prioritizing Customer Needs

Sponsored by: SYNERGY NORTH

  • 17 August 2022
  • Author: Sari Maritzer
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Prioritizing Customer Needs

Braving our way through a pandemic which inadvertently catalyzed many personal and professional changes, we now find ourselves preparing for the next big hurdle – Net Zero. While adapting to the new pandemic lifestyle and preparing for ambitious sustainability goals, planning for the next 5 years has become increasingly challenging. How as a utility do we balance future investment plans during a time of perpetual change? Simply put, ask our customers what they value most and prioritize those needs.

As a building block to establishing quality customer relationships, we have been tasked with proving ourselves as a commendable partner. Genuinely listening to customer requests, feedback, and shared ideas is a great first step, but how do we demonstrate our sincerity to establish a worthy and trusted partnership with our customers?

For SYNERGY NORTH, providing the community with a greater active role within our 5-year planning process through customer surveys, social campaigns, and personalized outreach, a significant opportunity has been created to bridge the gap between words and action. By analyzing customer feedback, the utility can then apply any necessary adjustments to the planning process and implement actionable items that have been directly requested by our customers.

Generating community involvement creates a certain level of accountability that must be met. We believe that embracing these responsibilities will lead to an increase of customer satisfaction while strengthening community ties and brand trust. By empowering our communities through customer choice and customer-centric strategies, our bonds will continue to evolve and enhance the relationships of those we serve.


Christina Groulx,

PR & Communications