Hydro Ottawa Uses CVR & Grid Edge Technology as a Non-Wires Alternative for Capacity Reduction & Energy Savings

Sponsored by: Composite Power Group

By combining Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) with grid-edge power-electronic technology, Hydro Ottawa has achieved a demand reduction of 1.63 MW or 3.06 percent of substation peak load at its Kanata MTS substation. The project currently includes 43 pole mount Edge of Network Grid Optimization (ENGO®) devices, manufactured by Sentient Energy, to support up to six percent voltage reduction at the station LTC. The ENGO® devices boost low-voltage outliers above Canadian Safety Association (CSA) minimums, enabling demand reduction, energy savings, and improved power quality without customer impact or participation. Project cost and complexity make CVR attractive, compared to other Non-Wires Alternatives (NWAs), to offset demand and reduce or defer capital investments on lines and stations.

The objective of NWAs is to offset distribution investment by deferring or replacing the need for specific equipment upgrades such as transmission and distribution lines or power transformers by reducing load/demand at a substation or circuit level. CVR empowers electric distribution utilities to achieve a significant reduction in energy and peak demand, without impacting customers through load shedding or major equipment investments. New power electronics-based grid-edge technology combined with CVR offers promise to manage and mitigate load/demand and can be classified as a NWA to conventional upgrades. Deployment of utility-owned assets called Dynamic VAr Controllers (DVCs) provide visibility to low voltage nodes and enable real-time Volt-VAr Optimization (VVO)/CVR at the grid edge; hence achieving a fast and dynamic response to varying load and enabling increased demand reduction and energy saving through CVR. This grid edge technology can be used by the utilities as a cost-effective NWA to achieve deterministic flexible control over their system without the need for consumer participation.

Hydro Ottawa deployed the Sentient Energy’s solution consisting of ENGO® hardware components and a cloud-based software component called GridEdge Management Solution (GEMS®). ENGOs are fast-acting power-electronics devices that are installed on the secondary side of a distribution grid, to autonomously sense and regulate voltage with a ± 0.5 percent within control range by injecting sub-cycle VArs between 0 to 10 kVArs. GEMS acts as a supervisory control and provides a data analytics and visualization engine.

Composite Power Group provides the Canadian Sales and Marketing support for Sentient Energy.  For further information, please contact Rob McNeil (rmcneil@compow.com).


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