The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) held a successful virtual Forum on October 22 focused on Mergers and Acquisitions. This event saw strong participation from utility executives and board members, government and agency representatives, and commercial entities. The EDA has a long-standing policy that supports LDC consolidation when it is voluntary between two or more willing participants.  “It is our belief that voluntary consolidation considers the best interests of the shareholders, the customers the utilities serve, and the communities in which they operate,” said Teresa Sarkesian, EDA President and CEO.

Mergers and acquisitions take place for many strategic business reasons, but most reasons are economic at the core. Whether a transaction involves a utility or a non-regulated entity, the forum provided participants with insights that can be applied to overall business strategies on transactions.

Topics covered included:

  • View of a possible future: a renewable opportunity for Ontario’s LDCs’ - @MarkRockPorter from @RenewableBuyers
  • Ontario Government on Consolidation - @ChrisBenedetti, Principal, @SussexStrategy
  • M&A Process Considerations - Brent Jackson, Director, @GrantThorntonCA
  • Governance Considerations - @RonWClark, Partner, @AirdBerlis
  • Financing Considerations - From an Equity Perspective - David Chatburn, Managing Director, Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure
  • Financing Considerations - From a Debt Perspective - David Manii, VP @TDSevents  & Daniel Stober, District VP, @TDCanada

The EDA was very pleased to be partnering on this event with Grant Thornton and Aird & Berlis. We’d like to thank the speakers and all of the participants.

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